From time to time, Genesis Management Consulting make special offers to our clients. This page describes them.

Current offers:

Offer 1:
For any new client who would like to discuss a specific strategic decision or challenge which they are facing, we are happy to enter into a free, no-obligation discussion to help you address the issue. You will be exposed to our tools and methodology to help you make the decision.

Offer 2:
Many Spanish Executives have some level of competency in the English language, but do not have the confidence to enter into an English business-related conversation. As the business environment becomes more global, this is beginning to hold them back in their careers and new ventures.

The problem is three-fold:
1. Insufficient opportunity to practice speaking and listening (in a risk-free environment)
2. Insufficient time in the week to attend classes
3. Limited business knowledge of the average teacher of English in Spain.

The solution: Genesis and Carpe Diem (a leading language school in Madrid) have put together a concept whereby over 10 Saturday mornings, a small group of Executives will receive a short, business related presentation by a business expert and then the group will enter into a facilitated discussion on the topic.

The next course begins in June, click below for details:

Improving business English for Executives

Offer 3:
Benchmark the decision-making competency of your organisation against best in class companies around the world. Contact Simon Gifford for a questionnaire .


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