An agenda for growth for Spain

A growth agenda for Spain

Although it may appear strange that I am promoting research work of my “competition”, I feel it my duty as a resident of Spain, to bring attention to a recent report by FEDEA and McKinsey where they put forward a view of how Spain can return to growth in wealth and employment and a return to its rightful place among the leading economies of the world.

The document (written in Spanish) explains the problems we face (specifically loss of productivity, internal focus and reliance on external finance) – but also, in a positive light, suggests the key platforms and motors of growth and how we might apply them. The document also highlights some of our past successes and strengths and has a pleasantly optimistic view of the future, albeit acknowledging the challenges faced.

I sincerely hope that it gets appropriate attention among government policy makers and those responsible for setting the economic agenda for Spain. However, it is also very useful reading for businesses both inside and outside the country. With some creative brainstorming, the document should point to opportunities for forward-thinking organisations who like to “skate to where the puk is going, rather than towards where it is”!

The document is lengthy at 114 pages and takes some digesting – but it does support the theses and suggestions with a sound fact base.

Download your copy here.

Spain – an agenda for growth


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